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This is Me.

This is Me. - Lift Threadz


I wanted to get on here and quickly explain why I decided to shoot my shot and get started on something that has been nagging at me for years.  A little bit of history behind the brand. 

My name is Jonny Johnson, I started in Print and Promo in 2010 to fill a void at a company I was running.  I loved so much the design aspect and being able to create things that people would wear.  My favorite thing ever was when someone would say "Did you create this?  Oh, man, I love this!"  I started getting that a lot as I got better at design.  I realized quickly that every single Print and promo company was ordering the same blanks, and there wasn't a ton of great options for premium apparel.  I thought then that I would love creating a awesome apparel that I could share with my clients, but I got scared.  

As time went on it bugged me more and more that the options where so limited.  Finally in 2020 since we all had some down time. I decided to start designing and figuring out how to create the apparel I have seen in my mind over and over.  I have a mile obsessions with fabrics, and fabric blends, cuts and fits. 

I started finding vendors overseas who understood my ideas.  I found a few willing to work with me.  Got some samples and I started to trying to see if others likes the same type of stuff I did. 

As it turned out, there where a lot of companies who wanted the same that I did.  It was awesome to hear how many people liked the apparel that I had put out.  I started designing more and getting more samples.  


This is my passion.  I absolutely love what I am doing, and what I am creating.  I hope you do too. 





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